Priority Initiatives

Priority Initiatives

There are nineteen Priority Initiatives identified for Bunbury Geographe in this Growth Plan. These initiatives focus on the region’s efforts and resources to achieve the biggest impact on the economy in the short to medium term.

The Priority Initiatives are presented spatially across the region in the diagram below, with their respective linkages to the Growth Drivers. The Priority Initiatives have been subject to a robust evaluation of economic benefits including job creation, additional population, employment multiplier, and scoring using a Multi-criteria Assessment (MCA) tool. The MCA scoring is preliminary and will be reviewed and refined as the Growth Plan initiatives are implemented. Details of the Priority Initiatives and the economic evaluation are presented in Part Three: Background and Context, with supporting initiatives and actions presented in Part Two: Program of Actions which identifies the interlinkages between the Priority Initiatives.


Integrated Suite of Initiatives


Analysis of the Priority Initiatives indicates that in combination they will generate the following benefits, above business as usual, by 2026:

  • 2,500 additional jobs
  • $400 million additional Gross Regional Product
  • 12,000 residents additional to the WA Tomorrow forecast

These benefits are greater than the sum of the individual Priority Initiatives presented in the table below, and demonstrate the cumulative, integrated effect of developing a diverse range of projects for the region.


Priority Initiatives are those initiatives that represent an optimum balance between short-term and large- scale economic benefits and demand a focus of resources and effort to ensure their success.


The Priority Initiatives are complemented by a host of supporting initiatives that together drive economic growth in the region. These initiatives also implement the Enablers, building the region’s social capital and ensuring that growth is in line with our values of inclusivity, sustainability, creativity and connection.

The supporting initiatives under the Growth Plan are presented in the Growth Plan Part Two: Program of Action.


The Priority Initiatives are presented in the table in alphabetical order, and are not in order of priority.