Licensing Agreement

Licensing Agreement

Guidelines for use of the Bunbury Geographe brand

The unique Bunbury Geographe logo belongs to the Bunbury Geographe Growth Plan Partnership and is currently being registered as a Trademark.  We welcome use of the logo by industry, community and government where increased awareness and a strong and consistent brand for the region known as Bunbury Geographe is presented.  Bunbury Geographe is the geographic area encompassing the local authority areas of Bunbury, Capel, Dardanup, Harvey and the surrounding hinterland.

The logo may be used to co-badge brochures, corporate stationery, promotional videos, websites, TV commercials, packaging and other marketing collateral to strengthen and extend awareness of the Bunbury Geographe region and reinforce a positive, united sense of place.

The use of the logo is managed by the Bunbury Geographe Growth Plan Partnership and agreement must be obtained from the committee for your intended use before proceeding with its instigation.

The use of the logo is subject to the Bunbury Geographe Style Guide to ensure that the integrity and consistency of the brand is always maintained.  The Style Guide should be downloaded at and governs such things as;

  • The colour palette, applications and typography
  • The use of correct colours by professional printers
  • How to place the logo alongside other logos
  • Flexibility of application eg there are different colour versions for different sectors as well as mono, reversed, portrait and landscape versions.

We will work with you to ensure the correct application of the logo.  The Partnership must approve final artwork prior to reproduction of the logo.

To use the Bunbury Geographe logo there are 4 simple steps to follow;

  • You complete the form below
  • We will provide ‘approval in principle’ for logo use within 5 working days

After this;

  • You then provide concept artwork showing how you intend to apply the Bunbury Geographe logo (with reference to the Bunbury Geographe Style Guide pdf (5 MB))
  • We approve your concept, provide formal approval (to be co-signed and returned by you) and email you a link to the digital logo files that will be required by your printer within 5 working days

Need help?  Additional advice and information on the approval process and/or your intended use of the logo in any corporate or promotional collateral can be obtained by contacting the BGGPP Administration Officer.

Application for use of the Bunbury Geographe logo

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